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Hey guys Making Skins for the staff

let me know it you want this one and I find a way to get it to you.

Or if you would like a different color ..

ChestNut is dark purple
Drew is Line green
Madspanwer is Cyen
Angel is Magenta
Steve is Light blue.
Iron is a light purple
Gaz is now Dark Green
Bo_Weevil is dark blue
Cheif  Snow Camo.
BradBoy523 is light purple
GreenThench is now a green one
Dunkel is light green

These are 1.8 over lay skins so you can toggle the suite off and on.

I'm still working on one for  Yombie  Bo and Cheif.  ( cant find a copy of Cheifs Skin ).


Woooohhh! Its awesome c:

Yombie's skin if he wants it

And Chief Here is your skin.

Here is your skin

Hey Anna This is what yours would look like On and Off.  you lose the 3d hair but it is on the old 2d skin. 

And with the new 1.8 skins you have a left and right arm and left so you can change the color of the patches on teh different leg hehe.


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