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Famcraft Tour Etiquette for players


 I would like to take a moment to discuss tour etiquette.

 Famcraft is gaining a lot of wonderful new members. This means a lot of tours are taking place. Often, more than one tour at a time.

 Tours are a lot of fun, but are also a little tricky because there is so much info to cover in a relatively short amount of time. We try to keep the tours informative, while not taking up too much of the new members time. We understand everyone is eager to play.

 I would like to go over a few things that current members can do to help make tours better for new members, and easier for staff. Remember, we want to make new members feel welcomed, not overwhelmed.

 When you see a staff member touring a new player, Please try to follow these guidelines:

* Please do not warp to spawn and run around when a new player joins. Give them a little space so they can read the rules.

* Greet the new player ONE time. Please hold all other greetings/questions/comments until after the tour.

* Please do not tpa or warp to the new player and start tossing a lot of food/treats/gifts until near the end of the tour. If you feel you need to give the new player something, please try to wait until you see the staff member ask the new player to go to /warp SG.
 Giving a lot of items to a new player is very distracting when they are trying to learn.

* Please do not warp or tpa to the area of a tour, and throw ender pearls around. This is very distracting to both the staff and the new members.

* Please do not issue clan invites until the tour has ended.

* Please try not to correct the staff member giving the tour unless you spot a really big mistake.

 For example, we no longer mention gold blocks during the Precious Stones part of the tour. This is because we are no longer going to be using the gold blocks. We have not forgotten, we just do not need gold blocks anymore.

 Another example- If you see staff explaining to a new member to use a name for their home, and not a number, PLEASE do not tell them a number is fine, and you haven't had any problems. If a number has worked for you, you've been lucky. The problem with numbers happens when players try to delete homes later. We tell new players to use a name for their home to protect them. Please do not contradict this information.   

* Please do not attempt to take over a tour already in progress, unless you've been asked to help .

*Please try to keep standard chat to a minimum during tours. This means please use /msg and clan chat during tours, when reasonable. We understand some standard chat will still need to go on, that's fine. 

* If you need help from staff while a tour is going on, please look for a staff member who is not currently giving a tour first. If the only staff online is giving a tour, then please wait until after the tour to ask for help unless it is urgent. If you have an urgent problem, go ahead and ask for help. We will do our best to assist you as quickly as possible.

* Make sure you do not intentionally spam the IRC Plenary bot at anytime- during tours or otherwise. Plenary is a tool to help with tours and give needed info.


Helping with Tours

 If no staff is online and you would like to give a tour to help out, please feel free. We like for every new member to have a tour so they have the information they need to get the most fun out of the server.

If you want to give a tour when no staff is available, please try to cover the following information:


*/warp mall

*how to buy and sell


*jobs  -  /jobs browse , can choose up to 3 jobs- join with /jobs join jobname


*Pvp - off by default, toggled with /pvp but players must agree to terms

*homes - Set up to 5 homes & a bed, /sethome name (not a number)

* Precious stones- A diamond block (41x257x41) or emerald block (11x21x11) to porotect and area

* /back (1000) /tpa (100) and /tpahere (100) commands & cost

* mob arena  - See a list of arenas with /ma arenas

* /warp sg  -Star Gates . Remind them to walk out a distance from the Star Gate and to build away from other players areas.

* suggest that they register for the forums at if they enjoy the server

 If you have toured a new member to help out, We appreciate your help. Please let the staff know about the new player when you can.

Thanks Famcraft members! You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work!


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