Author Topic: The Rules - Simplified "But Whhhyyyy?" Edition  (Read 2019 times)

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The Rules - Simplified "But Whhhyyyy?" Edition
« Opened on January 27, 2016, 04:06:02 PM (Edited January 24, 2018, 07:33:09 PM) »
 The Rules on Famcraft may look difficult and complicated at first glance. A closer look will prove that most of the rules here are common courtesy. Be kind to others, keep your chat nice, don't steal, don't break other player's things. It's all very simple if you look at what the rules say, and think about why we might have each rule.

 This is a very simplified version of our core rules, and why they exist.

1.) NO griefing or stealing.

 *Parents-  "Griefing" is the act of interacting with other's players items or spaces without their permission- things such as breaking blocks in another player's area, placing blocks in another player's area, harvesting another player's crops or killing another player's animals are considered griefing.
 This ALSO means when players harvest crops at the free-to-use public farm, they need to make sure they replant what they take so everyone can share.
 "Stealing" is the act of taking something from another player or their area without permission.
 Nothing on Famcraft is ever considered "abandoned". Anything you see here belongs to someone so please do not break it, take it, add to it or change it in any way.

To help everyone understand a little more about griefing, Here are some of the things that count as griefing-

* Removing any block another player placed without that player's permission

*Placing a protection stone in another player's area

*Harvesting another player's crops without their permission

*Killing another player's animals without their permission

*Claiming/protecting another players pet without permission (Example: taming a wolf, protecting a horse)

*Removing/changing landscape features in another players "yard" (What is directly visible from their home)

*Placing blocks in another player's area without permission

 *Taking items from another player's chest without permission (Stealing/griefing)

*Keeping a players items after PvP if you did not agree to at first (Stealing)

*Not replanting at public/shared/clan farms

*Leaving any locked item such as a chest, furnace or pet in another player's space or a public location

But whhhyyyy?

 Because it isn't nice to grief or steal. :( This is a survival server. All players work hard for their blocks and items here. They earn them and they want their things to be safe. You will want your things to be safe here too and thanks to this rule- they will be.  8)

2.) No swearing.

 This means absolutely no bad words here. We have a filter that will block bad words and "spam".

But whhhyyyy?

 Because Famcraft is very family friendly! We have all ages of players on this server from around 4 years old all the way to 80+. No one  here wants to see any bad words in chat.

3.) Don't talk about any mature or negative things here or anything that tends to stir heated debates.

*Parents - This means we avoid topics like politics, religion, drugs, alcohol, racism and "mature" themed topics.
 This rule includes no discussion of  teen/mature rated tv shows, movies or video games. Do not talk about any of these things in public message, private message, in books or on signs. Also, please do not wear a skin that directly reflects any such topic.
But whhhyyyy?
 Because here at Famcraft we like to keep chat upbeat, happy and friendly. We all get enough negativity out in the real world. Famcraft is where we come to relax and play a fun game together. We don't want any heavy conversations causing arguments or bringing down the mood of the community.
 We know friendly debate over popular topics can be fun, but here we would much rather enjoy the things we have in common than to debate the things we disagree on. Keep chat happy and fun!  8)

4.) Don't post links in chat or message.

 But whhhyyyy?

 We like to make sure to keep chat 100% clean, safe and family friendly. It's never a good idea to click on random links. You never know what you might accidentally see or download that you do not want. Because of this we prefer to keep ALL links out of chat.

5.) Do not discuss other servers while you are on Famcraft- at all.

But whhhyyyy?

 Famcraft is very strictly moderated. We take our rules seriously and we do everything we can to keep our players safe and sound. If  someone discusses another server in chat, other players might visit that server. Famcraft has NO control over what type of rules or chat other servers might have. Even if you think another server is fun and safe, please do not mention it here on Famcraft.

6.) Do not use any cheaty mods.

*Parents- "Mods" are client side add ons or modifications that players can install on their game to provide them with additional benefits such as being able to fly in a world where other player's can not fly.
 Another type of mod makes it so a player can press a key to see through the ground and easily find diamonds and ores.
  Other mods provide extra features like super-high jumping. We do not allow any mods like this. These mods are very simple to find and very easy to install. Don't underestimate a child's ability to do this sort of thing. Kids are smart! This rule is important to mention.

But whhhyyyy?

 On Famcraft we like to keep all play fair. Famcraft is a level playing field for players of all ages and skill-sets.
  It's not fair at all if one player can look through the ground to find all the diamonds first, while another player flies or super jumps to explore the map faster and better while the other players who are playing legit get left behind. Please play fair. We DO allow some non-cheaty mods like Optifine, Minimaps and Inventory Tweaks.

7.) Don't intentionally bother other players.

*Parents- This means be respectful of other players and their spaces at all times. It also means there may be times a player needs to accept a simple "no" as an answer. For example, PlayerA asks to visit PlayerB, and PlayerB says "No, I am busy right now". Then PlayerA should accept that reply, and find something else to do. PlayerA should NOT send repeated teleport requests or complain that PlayerB said no. This also means players should not "nag" one another to join their clan, share their items or anything else. A simple "no" or "no thank you" should always be respected and left at that.

But whhhyyyy?

 Because players come here to play and relax. Everyone needs alone-time somtimes. Just because some one may not be very talkative or may not feel like playing sometimes does not mean they do not like you. It just means they may need a little space. Also, begging players for items or pleading with them to do something with or for you makes for uncomfortable chat for everyone.  :-[ So always be polite and remember, you may have a day when you need some space too.

8.) Don't ask for free stuff.

But whhhyyyy?

 Here at Famcraft we ALL work hard for our items. Even the staff team plays fair here. We try to make it easy for you to get the things you need to survive. We have a few free farms that will let you collect food and logs in a safe mob-free area. Please play fair and earn your own items just like the rest of us do. It's fun!  :)

9.) No spamming.

*Parents- On Famcraft, four or more of the same character in a row is considered "spam". The filter WILL block this and alert your child. While we do not usually ban for regular spam, we do warn for it, and we do ask that players use some self-control to avoid spamming. Example- "Noo!!! A Creeeper!!!" is fine, but the filter will block "Noooo!!!! A Crrrreeeeper!!!!" We do not allow spam because if we did, chat would be almost unreadable when we have 30+ players on all at once.

But whhhyyyy?

 Because spam can make chat look very cluttered. It can be really hard to pick our the important information in chat if everyone is adding lots of extra letters to their sentences. It looks very messy!

See? Notice how below, it's hard to focus on the words "Please follow the rules"? We don't want chat to look like this.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Welllllcome to Famcraft! Yaaaaaaaayyyyy!!! We're SOOOOOOO glad to have you here!!!!!!!!!!!
Please follow the rules.
EEEEeeeekkkkk!!!!Did you EVEN see that creeper?????? He was sooooo creeeeeeeeepyy! YIKES!!!!!!
ZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZ Can everybody SLEEEEEP pleeeeeeaassee???????

10.) Don't ask to be staff.

*Parents- We know many kids have only the best of intention when they ask to be staff on Famcraft, however, we do ask that player's understand our staff team is very carefully hand selected by our Famstaff admin team. Asking to be staff breaks one of the rules we expect potential future-staff members to be able to follow.

But whhhyyyy?

 Famcraft is VERY picky about who we select for our FamStaff team. We do not ask very new players to join the staff team. We also do not ask players who do not follow the rules. This includes the rule about not asking to be staff. We very rarely add new members to the staff team. When we do, it can take us weeks or even months to select the person who best fits the team. Try not to focus too much on wanting to be staff and just try to enjoy your time here as the best player you can be.  8)

11.) English ONLY in public chat.

*Parents-  There are so many beautiful languages in the world. I know it can sound unfair that we can only allow one of them in public chat, but this is for the sake of thorough and proper moderation of chat. We have a large and active staff team, but the majority of us primarily speak English. This means if a player joins the server swearing in another language.. we may not know what is being said until we stop and research it. Clearly, this would not be not be ideal on a family friendly server. So we do ask for English only in public chat. Players are welcome to use other languages in /msg.

But whhhyyyy?
  Because our staff team primarily speaks English and we need to be able to properly moderate chat to keep players safe.

12.) PvP is ONLY allowed if ALL players involved agree to the terms of the fight first.

*Parents- by the "terms" of the fight we mean players should agree on all the important details such as what type of armor to wear- if any, what types of weapons to use, and most importantly- when someone dies, who gets to keep the items in their inventory? These details matter.

But whhhyyyy?

 Because we play fair on Famcraft. It only takes a minute to agree on what type of armor, what type of weapons, and who gets what after the fight. Knowing what to expect makes pvp fun and friendly.