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My Kid Got Banned?! Impossible!


 What? Your child was banned?? You can always visit the plea section of the forum to learn about being unbanned.. but wait... maybe first you should keep reading.

 But.. but kids are PERFECT. Perfectly capable of convincing us they can do no wrong. But they can. And when they do, as long as it was nothing too bad and not a repeat offence, we can usually give them another shot to follow the rules here on Famcraft.

 So your kid is banned. Now what?

 Before you do anything else, we highly suggest you go over the rules:  with your child to see if something "stands out" for them. We REALLY value honesty here so this is a very important first step.

 Please do not start out by assuming your child was banned for "nothing". Afterall, you allowed your child to play on this server for some reason. We do enforce the rules here.

 Also, please remember the people who are here working to keep your child safe are not on a pay-roll. These are volunteers who actually care about the happiness and safety of the players on this server. For this very reason, all players are held accountable for their actions.

 Another thing to keep in mind is we don't use your child's age as an excuse. We would never say "Little Timmy0175 can't participate in our build competition because he is just too young to understand the rules."
  So in turn, we ask that you not tell us that your child is too young to follow the basic rules we have here at Famcraft. If you sincerely feel your child is too young for the rules, then they may not be ready for a multiplayer server.

 While we do have a plea section where you, as a parent, are welcome to inquire about your child's ban, we highly recommend having your child write their own plea.
 We frequently have parents plea for players who were able to communicate very well for themselves in game chat.
  If at all possible, please give your child a chance to take responsibility for their actions and write their own plea, even if they need a little help. We have a lot of respect for players who are honest and make the effort to be accountable for their actions.

 Ready to look into the plea process? You can find the section for posting a plea right here:


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