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Magic is a work in progress clan with a huge base, but only little of it filled. As of now, we Have
-Iron golem spawner farm (9 spawners)
-Wither skeleton xp farm (2 spawners)
-Endermen exp farm
-Villager farm
-Auto chicken farm
-Auto  tree farm
-Auto potion farm
-Auto Pumpkin farm
-Melon farm.
All the items produced by the auto farms, you are able to take. And as much as you need!

If you would like to join, the rules are simple:
-Do not break/place blocks without permission. We word very hard on the base and would not like to see it ruined.
-Please respect the other players of the clan and be their friend. We like to be family in the clan and help others that need it :)
-Share the spawners. It is not nice if you have been at the spawners all day and other players in the clan would like to use the!
-(Wood farm) Please break all the logs that you placed the sappling for.
-(Potion Farm) Please turn off the ingredients to the farm, after you chose it, Then, once the potion is made, please turn it off. Otherwise it will continue to make potions until we are all out of supplys.
-(Spawners) Please DO NOT break the glass at the spawners. It would cause water to flow and break stuff, it could cause other players to fall and die, and is just very messy :(

If anyone would like to see the current base, here it is:
If anyone would like to joint the clan Please contact ~Drew~ (DrewsMagicMonkey) Or ~Iron (IronBlu)

New Magic Family Photo

Just a cool ~-Magic-~ Picture :)

I love what the two of you have done with my skin!  ;D

IMO, Magic is a great clan. The clan members are very friendly and you always feel like you have a place to go. I love being part of this ever-developing clan so that I can experience and be a part of its evolution over time.  :)

Magic Looks so awesome, and I would join it if I could. I can't join it because I am the Leader of the clan Bats, and I lag way too much in jungles  :( But I love the base!! :D


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