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Famcraft Tour? We missed it.


 Perhaps you've heard that we try to offer every new player a staff-guided tour here at Famcraft. Sadly, once in a while someone slips through the cracks.

 This often happens when a player is non-responsive to the staff team's offers of a tour. Sometimes it results from a new player joining when limited staff is on, or staff members are afk.

 Regardless, we do offer a few ways for you and your child to review the tour information. The tour provides useful information about locations around the server, plugins and commands.

 Here are some tour options to help you get caught up:

1.) Self-guided Tour:,1876.msg10988.html#msg10988

2.) In game, type /rulebooks Tour Guide for a written book with all the tour info.

3.) In game type /warp tour  for all the tour info on signs.

4.) Click here for a video tour.


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