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How "Moderated" Are We Talking, Here?


 How thoroughly is Famcraft moderated? Your family's safety is important to us. We usually have a staff team of 15-20 members who are on and off the server all hours of the day and night.

 Everything on Famcraft from public/private/clan chat to block placing/breaking and economy transactions are all logged and recorded. Additionally, all public and private chat is monitored when staff is online.
 If you feel a chat or message issue has been over looked, simply contact an admin with the details and we can review the logs to make sure all is well.

 Staff moderates the server not only to keep chat clean, but to keep chat civil. We do not tolerate mean-spirited remarks or a surplus negativity here.

 In addition to moderating the chat, we also watch out for questionable player interaction such as unwanted pvp. We also keep an eye-out for other unwanted activity such as stealing or griefing.

 We do our best to pay attention to everything that goes on here. That said, we are all human and chat can get very busy at times so it is not impossible for us to miss things from time to time.


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