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My Child is Tired of the Default Steve/Alex Minecraft Skin


 Now that your child has been playing on a multiplayer Minecraft server, they may have noticed that other players have cool custom skins. They may be tired of sporting the default Steve or Alex skin. No worries, you can be SuperMom/SuperDad and change their player skin to give them a fun new look :D

 We won't offer any links to websites for Minecraft skins here as sadly, some of them are not very family friendly. But I am sure you can find just what you are looking for using your favorite search engine.

 Here are four very basic skins we found at random skin hosting websites if you do not want to search for one. Instructions explaining how to change your child's playerskin are below the images.


Skins- right click and "save image"





To change your child's player character skin:

1.) Download a new skin and save it to a location you can find. You can right click to save one of the skins above if you do not want to search for one.

2.) Log in to your childs account at:
*Remember, never share your password with anyone.

3.) Once logged in, click on "Profile" at the top of the page.

4.) Click on "choose file" and browse to the skin file you would like to use.

5.) Click "Upload".

6.) Relog into Minecraft to see the new skin.

* Not happy with the new look? You can click "Reset" at the bottom of that same page to return to the original default skin.


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