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My Child Says the Filter Blocks EVERYTHING He Types!


 If your child is telling you the filter blocks almost everything he types, he's probably right. Especially if he tells you like this: "Mom!!!! The Famcraft filter blocks EVERYTHING I type!!!!????"

 We have a very strict filter to compliment our very strict rules. The filter blocks swear words but it also blocks negative words like "stupid" and negative emotes like this glare you get when you child seriously disapproves of what you've just said -->" -_-" The filter will also catch filtered words-within-words. For example if "top" were in the filter, then the word "stop" would be blocked. So sometimes a player may type an innocent word, and the filter still may block it. Sadly, this is sometimes the price of safety.

 Staff can see what was ACTUALLY said to trigger the filter. Of course typos and slip-ups with emotes or standard non-swear negative-words do not count against players. We only ban if we see actually swearing or otherwise intentional acts of chat-abuse.

 The filter ALSO blocks spam, which is where most of our players run into issues. On Famcraft, "Spam" means four or more of the same character in a row. We know at first thought, this sounds over the top strict, but in practice, it is ideal.

 We often have 30 or more players on all typing in chat at the same time. Many players get very excitable in chat and really  go crazy on exteeeeeeeeending words and adding tons of really neato punctuation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!.
 When chat gets fast, it is already difficult to keep up with it. If players were to continue tacking on extra letters and punctuation, important chat would almost disappear entirely.

 Here is an example. Try to spot the player who actually needs staff help:

Kayle0345!!! Yaaaaaayyyy!!!! You're back!! Where were you?????????
Ohhhhh WOW! Check out this awesome sea temple!!!!!!
Loooooooook out here I come!!!!
What is THAT????? Was that a zombie villager?! Creeeeepy!!!
Heeelpppp!!! A ZOMBIE! I'm not kidding- runnnnn!!
Staff, I need help.
It's past my bedtime. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Did you remember to smelt more stone brick???? I neeeeeeed it!!!!!
IRK???? That's COOOOL!!

 When everyone tosses in just a few extra characters to be expressive, it really clutters up chat fast!

But cut that back a bit and we can see what's what. So we really like to help players try to get out of the habit of spamming.

Kayle0345!!! Yaay!! You're back!! Where were you??
Oh WOW! Check out this awesome sea temple!!
Look out here I come!!!
What is THAT?? Was that a zombie villager?! Creepy!!
Help!!! A ZOMBIE! I'm not kidding- runn!!
Staff, I need help.
It's past my bedtime. zzz
Did you remember to smelt more stone brick? I neeed it!!
IRK??? That's COOL!!

This is why we limit the use of too many characters in a row. It keeps chat neat and tidy and allows staff to see and respond to the messages of players who are needing assistance.

 So if you're child wants to avoid triggering the filter, here are some steps they can take-

1. Hold the spam. As long as you use three or less of the same character in a row, you'll be fine!

2. Try not to use really negative or insulting words.

3. Try not to use very negative emotes.

4. Above all else- make sure you do not use any real swear words D: yikes!

5. If an innocent word seems to trip the filter and you are not sure why you will just have to trust that it is blocked for a good reason. We are not able to explain the meanings of blocked words to players, as they are blocked for a reason.


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