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Main Rules
« on: February 09, 2016, 04:12:45 PM »
Following the rules will make your experience on Famcraft more enjoyable! Please remember that all our family friendly rules still apply on the Famcraft FTB servers.

1 - Griefing (defacing) another player's property or stealing another player's items is not allowed. We use extensive logging plugins on Famcraft. We record every action you perform, every item you touch, and every word you type ingame via chat, private message (visible on console), clan chat, and sign text. We store all this information for many months. There is no statute of limitations on punishing players for griefing. You will never get away with it so don't bother trying. Instead, enjoy Famcraft knowing these plugins will also protect YOUR property from griefers!

2 - Deliberate misspelling of words to evade the swear filter is not allowed. If you type words that are caught by the filter, please use the warnings you receive as a lesson of what kind of words are not allowed on Famcraft.

3 - Abusive, racist, sexual, drug-related, belligerent, political, anti-political, religious, anti-religious, and inflammatory chat is not allowed in posts, text, skin, shapes of structures built ingame, text in signs, private messages, or nick/screen names. Remember, we log everything you type everywhere, always, and we keep logs forever. Famcraft is all about Minecraft, not your beliefs or lack of beliefs. These restrictions include a ban on any speech or actions that are commonly considered inappropriate when directed toward children. Among other reasons but mostly because we allow people of all ages to play on Famcraft, we have zero tolerance for any attempted exploitation of children.
 We also do not allow discussion of mature rated games, movies or television shows.

4 - Trading, linking to, or discussing illegal material (games, software, movies, etc.) is not allowed.

5 - Do not discuss other servers while using any of Famcraft's services. That includes talking bad about other servers, too. While we appreciate players wanting to share their experiences from other servers, many new players join the server only to advertise their own server. Devious players we punish for breaking other rules often try to advertise other servers to draw people away from Famcraft out of spite. Due to these types of examples, we don't allow discussion of any other server while in-game, on mumble, or in our forums.

6 - Using any client modifications to cheat on Famcraft FTB is not allowed. Cheating includes such activities as flying when not allowed, placing multiple blocks with one action, speed walking, and seeing through blocks.
 We also do not allow the exploitation of Bukkit or Minecraft "glitches". FTB has MANY built in ALLOWED mods. Please keep your gameplay fair and do not use any unapproved cheaty mods.

7 - Harassment of other players is not allowed.

8 - Persistent hassling of Staff members for anything is not allowed. This includes world-editing, protections, or items, among other things.

9 - Spamming is not allowed. This includes using caps or excessive amounts of a letter or character. We will not argue this topic. ex: 111111111 - is considered spamming. More examples of spam: https://famcraft.com/index.php/topic,1841.0.html

10 - Do not ask to become a staff member. We choose staff members only after observing you for several months.

11 - English is the official language on Famcraft. We have players from all around the world and English is the most common language among them, so please use only English in the public chat and forum posts. You MAY use other languages in clan chat and personal messages. However, be advised that we make use of automated translations to ensure the non-English messages are in line with other Famcraft rules.

12 - Player vs. player combat is not allowed unless all participants agree to fight and agree on the terms of the combat. By default, your ability to hurt another player is disabled. This can be toggled with the /pvp  command. However, the other player must also issue the /pvp command. Some things you will need to make an agreement about include whether you will keep or return items a dead player drops. Issuing the agreement in chat or written on signs is sufficient. These rules exist to stop players from bullying each other.