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Changes on FTB Infinity Normal
« on: May 11, 2016, 02:13:46 AM »
 We have made a few changes to the  FTB Infinity normal mode server.

 As you all know, the server crashes frequently. This often happens when a player enters a certain area, be it a home or a random area while exploring. (Magical Forest are being an issue, for example ).
 When a crash is caused because a player has entered an area and then we restart the server and the player joins back into that same area, the server will crash again.
 To help slow this process down a bit and to hopefully have the server back up and running more quickly, here are some changes we have made.

- The server will now automatically attempt to restart it's self after any true crash. Not everything is a true crash, but hopefully this will help with some of it.

- Every single time you join the server, you will start at /spawn  We know this is not very convenient, and we do apologize. This is the only way we can think of to keep the server from crashing when everyone joins right back into the area(s) that may have contributed to the issue. While staff CAN relocate offline players, sometimes it is the staff who enters an area which leads to a crash.

- Everyone has 50 homes. This will allow you to set homes at the areas you visit, if needed, since you will rejoin at /spawn
 If you find that returning to one of your /homes seems to be causing a crash, please let us know and we will look into it.

- Everyone has the /b command- this should work even after crashes and restarts. This should take you to the last location you were at before you were sent to /spawn
 This command can be used at any time to return to your last location.

 While we know this is not ideal, we do hope some of these changes give you all a little more playtime between crashes and restarts.
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