Author Topic: Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved FTB Stability  (Read 1632 times)

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Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved FTB Stability
« on: February 11, 2016, 12:50:48 PM »
 Please keep in mind that by it's very nature FTB is quite a beast! And a bit unstable at times as well. FTB depends on many, many client and serverside modifications to all cooperate and play nice together at all times right alongside a complete set of the Famcraft plugins we use to keep everyone safe and happy.
 This means there will almost certainly be issues from time to time, and particularly as we begin this new journey together and see how the setup reacts to actual player interaction.
 SuperNova_2 has worked very hard along with the survival admin team to get things in order for the server to go live. Even so, we have not had actual players on the server to really put it through the ringer yet.

 We would like to thank you  in advance for your patience and support as we get this new beast up and running. We will try to address issues and take care of any needed server restarts as quickly as possible.

 While we DO plan for the current map to be the permanent map, in the event of any unforeseen, irreparable map-related crisis it is not impossible that the map may have to be reset, without player compensation of any kind. So please look at this initial phase as a testing period for us to work together and see how things hold up.

 We appreciate all of you for being here to play on the Famcraft family of servers!