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Dog left at Kurby Mall - Not a Grief



I wanted to report that there was a dog left sitting in public at the Kurby Mall, and at the time I discovered it (7:15 AM central time, 5/23/16) there were no staff online to inspect it.

This is not a grief! I was unsure of where else to post this. Please move it if it is in the wrong location.


X: 16,294
Y: 65
Z: 201,153

This can also be seen by going to /warp sg and through the stargate labeled "Kurby Mall". The dog is to the right upon entry.

Please refer to the attached photo for a visual of where it is at.

I know that Famcraft has strict rules against leaving pets in public places, and I was hesitant to leave this alone without telling a staff member or reporting it here.

Thank you,


Thank you for reporting this, however we only really enforce this at spawn and the main mall, or if there is a pet left in your area that you are reporting.


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