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Clan Oarai is a small out of the way clan with a huge project. the clan base is a massive ship called Ooarai. she is 45 blocks wide by 850 blocks long and has her own biome on the top deck. we are now building a fleet of new ships around the main ship Ooarai. a small town is located by her docks too. she is by far the largest ship on the server.
With 4 floors on the ship there is plenty of space for anything you care to do. there is a public farm, horse pen, mine and fireworks deck. we also have a clan warp gate now making it easier to get to our fleet of awesome ships.

Clan Oarai has grown from the main ship to having 7. Ship names are S.S. Meteor, Fubuki, Takao, U.S.S Princton, Royal Clipper and yamato. Three ships are looking for captains to live and take care of the structure, Fubuki, Meteor and yamato. Other ship planes for future builds U.S.S Wisconsin, U.S.S Fletcher, USCGC Tanney, tug favorite, Serenity and posibly kongo.

Town Yokosuka is very slowly filling in a few shops have been built and one is being used. Beach houses are also coming in for players.

We welcome visiters and are happy to give tours.


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