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Kinda like the Word games one, this one should have harder riddles and more fun!! (No offense.)

The gist of the game is pretty simple: You solve my riddle, then put your own! if no one can solve the most recent riddle in 10 days, whoever posted it wins and we start again!

It's good if they're original, but they don't have to be! Make them hard, but not impossible. People 8 years or over should be able to solve them, with some difficulty.

They can involve math if you want, but brain teasers are great too.
I'll start!


You have two unmarked pots. There are no markings on them, except you know one, when full, holds 5 litres and the other, when full, holds 3 litres.

You need to get 4 litres in a pot, without any other measurements. You have infinite water, and you can dump out water as you need.

No, you can't write measurements on the pots.

if you have anything other than four litres, you LOSE. How do you get 4 litres?

Remember ... 10 days!

I think I worked it out.

1. Fill the 5 litre pot full of water.
2. Pour water from the 5 litre pot into the 3 litre pot until it is full.
3. Dump out the water from the 3 litre pot.
4. Pour the remaining 2 litres from the 5 litre pot into the 3 litre pot.
5. Fill the 5 litre pot full of water.
6. Pour water from the 5 litre pot into the 3 litre pot, which already has 2 litres.

If I'm correct, you would have 4 litres in the 5 litre pot now. Fun riddle :)

Alright, my turn then.

I'm going to list six words. They may seem nothing alike, but there is one property that does connect them. It is your job to figure out what that property is.


I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure they all have the same letter more than once? Maybe? That's a good riddle!


Imagine you're handcuffed in a straightjacket, tied upside-down with the strongest rope in the world, locked from the outside in an iron box, inside a maximum-security jail cell. How do you get out?


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