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Alright. I kinda forgot about this thread, to be honest, but I was scrolling through the forums looking for something to do and I found this again :D

A faraway kingdom is ruled by a cruel queen, and she is looking for someone to be her husband. She is looking for someone who is just as ruthless, clever, and cunning as her. So she makes every man in the kingdom line up at her palace to be tested.

You are fourth in line now. You can finally see what is happening in the Queen's Chamber. There is a crate on a table in the middle of the room. The crate contains two pieces of paper: On one reads "Never" and the other says "The Queen". The man next in line must choose a basket and draw the piece of paper. If he draws "Never", than he is kicked out of the palace never to return. If he chooses "The Queen", he gets to marry the Queen.

The man at the front closes his eyes and chooses a piece of paper. You cannot see what he picks, but two guards chase him out of the room. The next man goes up. A new piece of paper is placed in the crate and he reaches his hand in. Again, he is driven from the chamber. The same thing happens to the third man. Now you are next in line.

It's obvious that the draw is a little unfair. You want chance at marrying the Queen. How do you do so?

This is a modified version of a less-PG riddle. I didn't make this one up.

--- Quote --- She is looking for someone who is just as ruthless, clever, and cunning as her.
--- End quote ---
You cheat!

What do you mean? How did I cheat?

I think he meant that you cheat at drawing a card in order to win.

my answer is that you simple draw a card. "You want a chance at marrying the queen." well, simply drawing a card is taking a chance :P

Hehe - that's not quite it. I'm not sure if you completely understand the riddle - the draw is rigged. And yes, Plurb, you have to cheat .. but how?


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