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New Clan - MountWii


I just created a new clan, MountWii, if anyone wants to join it, lemme know in game, and I'll invite you. This clan does not have a base yet, so that will be the first task, to build the clan base. (I will let you guys know when the base is ready).
Another thing to note, the clan tag is "4001" in blue, named after my other username "Nathan4001".
I will give access for all members to type /clan home in-game.
Clan Rules:
1: All Famcraft rules apply.
2: Be nice and friendly.
3: Do not ask to be a leader, I will chose who will be a leader.
4: If there are any questions or concerns, talk to me. If I'm not online, type /mail WiiWon
5: Any rule breaking will be dealt with.
And that's it with the rules! Like I said, lemme know if you want to join! :D


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