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NEW- Famcraft Games Server!


 Famcraft will be five years old on April 29, 2017. Because 5 years is a nice milestone, we wanted to do something extra special for the server this year.

 We've added a Famcraft Games server which is currently accessible via a StarGate located in front of /warp sg (also at /warp games).

 This game server includes games like MobArena, BlockHunt, Spleef, PvP Arenas, FFA, CTF  and more. The game world also has it's own economy using "Tokens" earned through game play and time spent on the server.

 When you join the server, you can type /games for a list of games. Then type /games [game type] for a list of arenas for a specified game type.

 We are currently in the process of doing some live testing. All Famcrafters are welcome to come help test. You can report issues directly to an admin, post here or use the /report command.

 Thanks, Famcrafters!

Will this be like a version of the FUN gate? And would players be able to add games to it? I'd be happy to test :D This is awesome!


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