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  We are NOT currently taking suggestions for mini-games or arena types. It is not impossible that the admins may select more games to add at a later date. Right now, we are focused on making sure the games we currently have are all working smoothly. Please feel free to discuss games/game types here.

 Reminder: Please remember NOT to mention other server names on the server or forum.
 Example- DON'T say things such as "I wish we had the same type of FFA arena that "Random Server" has." Instead, describe or explain the game you are referring to without using any server name.

A question about some of the singleplayer games (namely the parkour)

When I finish a parkour level, it has a sign that says "click to finish" which I'd assume gives me the tokens? When I try to click it (and the quit/join signs as well), it says "Please use an empty hand" or something like that, it doesn't do anything when I click. Is this just lag or are the signs not working?

 You should receive a few coins as long as you remembered to click the sign to join the parkour game at the start. I will look into it just to be sure it is working properly. Thanks!


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