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But... my child is **Perfect!** You're lucky to have them here!


Dear Parent,

 I am so very sorry to be the one to have to break this to you.

 Your child is dear, sweet, kind, talented, creative and unique, yes, beyond a doubt- but... they are not perfect. They are human. They can, and will make mistakes. Some you see, some you may never know about, but they will mess up.

 This doesn't mean they've failed as a child. It doesn't mean you've failed as a parent. It does mean they are living, and growing and learning. Learning from our mistakes is an important part of life.
 Accountability is an important part of life.

 If your child is corrected or receives other disciplinary action on this server, you can rest assured it was needed.
 We are busy people. We do not stop what we are doing to correct a player for no reason. If your child was corrected then they were breaking the rules or misbehaving in some way.

 When we correct a player, it is to give them and/or their parent an opportunity to review the behavior that lead up to the correction or punishment, and give them a chance to learn how to avoid a correction or punishment for the same thing in the future.

 For the child OR the parent-  becoming argumentative, rule lawyering, using the player's age as an excuse, or resorting to calling the staff mean names is not the proper way to handle a correction. Instead, take the opportunity to learn what caused the issue, and prevent it in the future.

 In short, no, your kid isn't perfect. They're pretty great- but expecting them to be perfect will only lead to disappointment for you and your child alike.

 If you have an issue with your child being corrected if they misbehave then this might not be the server for you. We enforce the rules among all players, regardless of their age or level of perfection. Thank you for understanding.


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