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My child has a disability- what should I expect from their time on Famcraft?


My child has a disability- what should I expect from their time on Famcraft?

 You should expect your child to be treated exactly the same as every other player on Famcraft. We expect players of all ages and all ability ranges to know and follow the rules. We expect all players to remain respectful of one another and of the staff team.

Over the years we have had players with a wide range of disabilities from physical disabilities to learning disabilities. We have many players who deal with add, adhd, ocd or who are on the spectrum. We've had players who were deaf and players who are partially sighted. We've also had players who have been coping with long-term or chronic illness. Most of these player have done great here!

 To put it simply- we expect everyone to follow the rules and have a good time. All players regardless of disability or illness are treated the same. We do not exclude these players from any of the fun stuff, but we also do not exclude them from any of the rules.

 If you feel your child may struggle with the rules or experience behavior issues other difficulties while playing on Famcraft, then you will want to make sure you are available to assist them.

  Famcraft is a public server. It is always free to play on Famcraft. We have an all volunteer staff team here to keep players safe. All players are expected to follow the rules at all times, with no exceptions.

 Just as you would not drop off your child in any other public place and leave them unattended, you will want to remain available to assist your child throughout their playtime on Famcraft.

 If a player of any age or ability breaks the rules or causes issues on the server, disciplinary action may be taken. The disciplinary actions we use include:

mute - Temporarily removing the player's ability to type in chat. This is often used if a player is using unkind words to other players or staff, if a player is spamming chat, or if a player's chat is being overall negative. If a player swears- we do not mute them, we ban them.

kick - A brief kick from the server. the player can log back in immediately. This is most often used to get a player's attention when they will not acknowledged a staff-correction.

tempban A temp ban is a temporary ban that prevents a player from joining the server for a number of days. A typical tempban is 1-7 days but they can be shorter or longer. A tempban is usually used for smaller offences like repeatedly failing to replant the public farms. If a player has already been tempbanned for something, it's likely the next ban will be permanent. 

ban A ban means the player will no longer be allowed to play on Famcraft. This is most often used when a player has been very disrespectful of the rules and/or other players. We permban for things such as swearing, intentional griefing or repeatedly breaking the same rules.

** We DO NOT use a warning system. The warning is the fact that there are rules stating what is not allowed when you join this server. If a player breaks the rules, then disciplinary action may be taken at the discretion of the available FamStaff team member.

 We have had some parents tell us that their child becomes easily upset by corrections. If this is the case, perhaps going over the types of disciplinary actions we use and the reasons these actions might be taken will help your child be more prepared and less upset in the event they are corrected. Most issues can be avoided by knowing the rules and being respectful of others.

  If you feel confident you or your child may become overly upset if your child is corrected, then they might not be quite ready for Famcraft.
 If you are still trying to decide if Famcraft is right for your child, please consider reading this:,10389.0.html

 If you decide to give us a try, we hope you and your child will enjoy your time on the server.  Please feel free to contact a staff member if you have any questions at all.


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