Author Topic: Clan Fund Raisers Rules and Guidelines  (Read 4816 times)

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Clan Fund Raisers Rules and Guidelines
« Opened on November 30, 2014, 02:17:34 PM »
We ask that players do not ask for Famcoins or items for themselves of their clan in general chat or through the /msg or /mail systems.

 If you would like to hold a clan fundraiser within your own clan, please feel free to do so, as long as you plan and hold the fundraising event in clan chat. You can use clan chat with the following commands-

To join clan chat- /clan clanchat join
To leave clan chat /clan clanchat leave

 Please do not bring this discussion into public chat.

 If you wish to advertise your fundraiser, you may do so here in this forum section. In order to advertise here, you must feature actual fund raising services, items for sale or activities for which you intend to use earned funds for clan related resources.

 Any post asking for "free money" or outright donations will be removed. Donations may be offered by players, and may be accepted by clans, but can not be solicited here. This is a place to EARN money for your clan. Every player and every clan on this server must work to earn their money. Please do not ask players to give you money for free.

 Remember, any clan member can /bank deposit funds for the clan, but only players designated by the clan leaders can /bank withdraw these funds from the clan bank. If you /bank deposit, this money is a donation to the clan and you may be unable to recover those Famcoins, even if you choose to leave the clan. As such, all donations are considered final.

  To use this forum, create a new post with the name of your clan in the title.

 All fundraising posts should include the following info

*Name of the clan

*Funding goal

*What you hope to do with the clan funds

*Exactly what service or item you are offering

*The timeframe for your fundraising event/activity/sale

Fund raising ideas:

In game, without help from other players-

*Visit /warp eco once a day to receive a free daily allowance of 1000 Famcoins

*Consider voting for Famcraft- Use your in-game-name when voting to receive 500 coins per vote. There are several different places you can vote. You can find links at /warp eco, or on the home page at famcraft.com

*Work your jobs. You can learn more about jobs at /warp jobs

You can have up to four jobs of your choice:
 -To see a list of jobs - /jobs browse
 -To see more info about any job- /jobs info jobname
 -To join a job - /jobs join jobname
 -To leave a job - /jobs leave jobname

*Use the auction house to list structures or mall shops, or items you have collected - auctions.famcraft.com

Fund raising ideas for funds from clan members only-

* Work together to compare jobs and see which jobs each clan member can help with for the maximum income. For example, see if you can get your farmers to help collect food for the clan while your builders help expand the clan base. More income can mean more donations to the clan.

*Start a clan mall or shopping area for clan members only. Often, members of your clan go to the mall to buy basic items like stone or dirt. You may have lots of extra items you do not need or want in your storage room. When clan members buy from one another, it keeps more money in the clan.

*Help collect items for your clan storage. Your clan won't have to buy logs, stone brick, wool, ect. if you help keep a steady supply coming in.

*Look for natural resources for your clan. A skeleton spawner, for example, can provide your clan with a way to get quick xp, bones for bonemeal, white dye  or taming wolves, and dropped bows and arrows among other things. A skeleton spawner costs 500k from an admin. With enough looking, you may find one in the wilderness- for free, and be able to build a spawner room around it for your clan.

*Look for affordable memberships to resources you might not be able to afford. Sometimes it is less expensive to buy access to another player or clan's xp farm rather than try to build your own.

Fund raising ideas for earning funds from non-clan members-

*Offer to work for other players clearing lands, making farms or gardens, or gathering animals.

*Offer to sell items that take a little more time and effort to make. A lot of players will pay well for items that take multiple steps to create, such as bookshelves or stained glass. Enchanted books are also often in demand, but time consuming to make. With the free xp farms on the free farms gate at /warp sg, you can easily make quite a few books in your spare time.

*If your clan owns one xp farm, consider selling memberships to other players to collect funds for additional spawners. Remember if you sell access to a spawner, you need to have rules clearly posted as well as signs stating which players have purchased access and are allowed there.

*Host a contest or competition with an entry fee, give half of the money you collect as a prize to the winner. All contest need a protected area, and a  proper forum post explaining details, prizes, and a time-frame. You can purchase a star gate for a properly organized, admin arrproved competition for 300k, or you can teleport players to the area with /tpa. Please do not start contests you will be unable to see though completion.

*Use the auction house to list clan created structures or mall shops, or items you have collected - auctions.famcraft.com

*If you sell items, offer to deliver needed items to a public warp such as /warp mall, or /spawn so no one loses money traveling.

Ideas for raising funds on the forum-  :o

*Offer to make signatures for players to use on their post for a reasonable fee. Make sure to keep the signatures a reasonable size, and use your own artwork/screenshots.

*Offer to make drawings of player skins or other things for a reasonable fee.

 *Any post found to be in violation of the rules or the guidelines stated in this post may be edited or removed at admin discretion.

**Please DO NOT use this forum to ask for money for yourself as an individual player. Money is easy enough to earn that no player should be here asking for personal donations or to host a personal fundraiser. We understand a lot of players want Coinshop access or Coinshop items/permissions bundles. You will need to earn that money on your own. This is ONLY to raise funds for your clan.