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The TTC will be having a raffle!!All funds will be going to funds for a clan SG. You may contact me (Plurbeh) and Kittah (once I tell her lol) to get tickets, one ticket is 2k.There will be a first,second and third prize.All winners will be chosen randomly by me leaving one spot open in inventory and breaking a chest.The prizes will be various tools,enchanted books and other useful things.A list of all the prizes will be shown once we gather them.
Rules:If you are in TTC please note that you cannot enter the raffle and raffle things will only be handled by clan leaders (me and Kittah) not by members or anyone else.You cannot enter more than 20 tickets into the raffle.Also you can't win 2 or more sets of prizes such as the 2nd and 3rd places prizes.               
              That is all for now!Good luck to everyone!

In my opinion if you made this kind of thing public, like to everyone, you might reel in more money. I love the idea of a clan fundraiser. Maybe I can donate a little to help y'all out despite my not being on TTC. Great idea PlurbehGurbeh!

It is public but because I don't want raids you'll have to ask for stuff.

Clan Raids are against Famcraft Rules.

Also, they are pretty pointless anyways as lwc let's clans lock chests to only allow clan members to have access to them.  Additionally PS fields make it to where people who are not in the fields cannot affect any blocks in the field. 

I do agree that in most cases we should err on the side of caution, non-clan members roaming around a base cannot really do anything as long as you have the proper protections (lwc is automatic, ps fields you gotta place the fields yourself) from our plug-ins.

Update:Prizes there are many now(thanks bow) too many to write but here are some clay fish cookies diamonds tools and more.I have changed a rule and clan members can now enter but I will not be.The raffle will end on Friday the something th.Gl.


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