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Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
Hello fair people of famcraftia!
Have I got a great new business for you! Have you ever wanted an awesome, custom-made skin, but couldn't figure out how to get one? Well, welcome to a NEW age! An age where you can ANY kind of skin from me -For a reasonable price-! I'll Make a completely custom skin for you, by you! You just fill out the request form and pay on the day of delivery. The delivery, of course will be on If you have any questions, contact me via: /mail send Equine_Xpert (message).

I sincerely hope My new business is warmly received, thank you.

What's the form? I don't have any legal expertise or a lawyer :O

Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
Nothing legal or scary, Taz! Basically just a paper that tells me exactly what you want your skin to look like.

Haha okay :P

Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
Sorry, not for you Taz, Lemmy, I have absolutely no computer knowledge and I cannot figure out how to get the skin template from the file on my computer to this messaging box. :'( If you or anyone you know can help I would REALLY appreciate it... So sorry for the delay and you WILL be getting a 50% off discount for your trouble. Again, so sorry and thank you.


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