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Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
Hey everyone... For those of you who love nature, camping, and animals, An animal themed campground would be a dream! Well, lucky for you, one of those amazing campgrounds is opening soon... near you! Run by me-Equine_Xpert- and my bestie -Aetherliv- E and A campground is the perfect place to chill out, roleplay, or just have fun! All cabins are themed as different animal homes and the food even matches what that animal eats. When arriving you will be greeted by me wearing a skin that matches the theme of the camp.... Have fun, and watch out for bear cabin.  ;)

:o cool! I'll definitely be there!

 Please remember we do not allow role playing on Famcraft. Thank you.

Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
I honestly, REALLY don't mean this in a disrespectful way, but, why??

 It's a rule here on Famcraft because we have player of all ages. Roleplaying is very, very confusing for younger players. It also makes it more difficult for staff.

 For example, we do not allow players to correct one another. If a real parent and a real child join the server together, and the child accidentally spams, and the real parent says "Now son, remember not to spam in chat." and the real child says "Oh yeah- I'll be more careful, Mom." Then we know it is a real parent helping their child learn the rules.
 However, if two children join the server, and one says "Now son, remember not to spam in chat."  and the other says  "Oh yeah- I'll be more careful, Mom." - then one player has corrected another, which is something we do not allow.

 We have so many real-life families on the server. Children with their parents and grandparents. Kid's who play here with an aunt or an uncle. Husband/Wife teams and so much more. We don't like having to guess who is actually family and who is "roleplaying".
 Even roleplaying that seems innocent- like pretending to be someone's pet bunny rabbit- can be confusing for some of our younger players.

 In the spirit of keeping chat light, fun and easy to understand we do ask for no roleplaying.

 Now to explain just a little bit about what we mean by "roleplaying". Basically, we do not want you to pretend to be SOMEONE or SOMETHING else other than yourself, or pretend to be related to someone in a way that you are not actually related to them.
 It's fine to run a real shop and sell or give away real things and be the "shopkeeper" as long as that shop keeper is actually YOU and not a made up character.
 It's fine to get all your friends together and have a campout, party or sleepover on the server- as long as you are all being YOURSELVES and not pretending to be other characters.

 In short, we think creative and imaginative play is great! Just make sure not to present yourself as something or someone you are not and it's all good!

 I hope this helps you understand a bit more about this rule.


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