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Is there a way I can become a VIP? That sounds fun!

Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
Hmm... I'm sorry. But you can't become a VIP. BUT If you want to see and help with things before the camp opens... you can come by for a job interview! You would be our first employee and I think it would be lots of fun.

Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
Bobby. I'm having a job interview in a few days if you want to come by.

Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
Hi everyone!! I just wanted to update people on the status of Camp Every Thing as of right now!

Iíve decided that the camp will probably never be ďdoneĒ. So, The current plan is to make it a bit safer for the nighttime (lights/walls maybe) and then open the gates! I still need to figure out a way to accept payments when Iím not in game (suggestions welcome). If youíre curious about Camp, come on by whenever Iím online for a tour!

Also, if you are interested in helping me with the camp, I always have a need for good builders, writers, consultants, and the like!

Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
I have some exciting news! Camp Everything is partnering with local player Sarcastic ENTP for a server-wide barbecue! If you choose to attend, please be sure to enter the raffle for a chance to win an OP fishing rod courtesy of Camp!

The deets:
The BBQ will start at 8:15 pm Central, but feel free to hang out with us sooner than that if weíre on!
Thereís no place to warp to, so just tpa to either Sarcastic or me!
Meat for grilling is provided.

We hope to see lots of happy faces! Canít wait till tonight!


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