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A door prank at my base


Although the case was resolved , I still have a few questions and thanks.

First, Thanks to @Chestnut, which helped me resolved the case. I was griefed replacing the blocks in my beacon to a annoying door prank device. @KKAddi & @Thomas2006 did it and KKAddi returned the blocks. Afterwards, Thomas also returned some but I am still short. Chestnut gave me iron block more than my original number, so I want to say he is a wonderful staff.

Second, I have a question. I have a Protection field and is not in the same clan with them, but they can still place blocks in there. Is that a bug? Admins please help me check. Thanks!

Lastly, I want to say that even if you want to thank anyone for something, please don't prank anyone because other than affecting me, it will cause lag to the server.



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