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PlurbLantis Reformed


The other day I was reminded that PlurbLantis was not being worked on anymore even though it was supposed to be one of my biggest projects... ever.So I was thinking what to do and I had a idea.Why not make it a kind of city,where players can build on the island near Plurblantis and just do stuff lol.Islands will cost money and will be priced for there size.Since they are natural I will just decide but there is a wide choice in size.Ok I hope you have if you buy one!!Picture below is my island.Your not allowed go on mainland at all bu go on others islands if they want you to

Its tough to see, there is a giant Plurb in the way of the view of the ocean...  Maybe some TNT or a giant eGI statue rising out the sea would help...

Wut  I already made the Eggy on a Emu does I Have to?

A tato works on a project...
He gets bored
200 years in potato time has passed

Haven't worked on this project for 200 years, I quit.

This is true.


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