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eGI has Map Art now!!!


I am now selling this Map Art, other versions of this will be available when I get to them.

You can find these on the 2nd floor of my shop in Prose Mall, Top Floor.

Got mine, I'll post a picture in use soon :P

We just talked about making functional map art like this so, ya know, make more!

Can we request custom made map art from images?

I don't do custom stuff.  I only do this stuff because I am copying over stuff from the Classic Server that another player did (with said player's complete permission).  I am varying stuff on them some, but they are fairly close to being just copies of stuff that was available on the Classic Server.  Additionally I'm fairly busy and do not always have the time to work on these.  The first one took me 8 months to do, just because of a lack of time, other projects, and just getting tired of collecting supplies.


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