Author Topic: Please ponder my pleaful pardon petition.  (Read 693 times)

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Please ponder my pleaful pardon petition.
« on: April 18, 2018, 06:24:25 PM »
Hello. I now go by FirstTiger, but you may remember me as something different. I started out as b0bby1025, a long time ago. After I got some money for my 12th birthday I donated 5$ to my favorite Minecraft server and sold iron for hours to become PenguinMan. Then I took a long break from Minecraft, as it was a very “childish” thing to do in middle school. After the break I returned, changing my name to NightShark115. I was that for a few days. I then settled on Hobbes, Calvin’s companion. It was as Hobbes that I made a mistake.

   It was a silly mistake, one with no reason and no excuse that will most certainly not be made again in the future. It started with a click on a big green download button. It ended with me dragging the file Xray.zip into my resourcepacks folder. With sweaty hands and a rapid heartbeat, I logged on to Famcraft. In my mineshaft, I looked around. Diamonds everywhere. I told myself that I just wanted to see if it worked, but after 5 trips to the Trademall, I found myself in a glowstone room with light blue signs. I ran over to the signs, zooming in on the Bright text. It read “Rules”. I knew I was done. I started to cry a little. Suddenly the silent chat popped up.
ReubensCherub: Hello b0bby1025. Are you familiar with the Famcraft rules?
B0bby1025: Yes
   As you can guess, it ended with 8th grade me heartbroken. I’ll admit it. The first thing I did was think of excuses. “I was having a bad day.” “I didn’t mean to.” After doing that and passing the blame around to anyone but myself, I went to my room and sat in silence. My mom called me down to dinner. I didn’t eat much, and when asked what was wrong I said I had a stomach ache. I went to bed. Over the next week, I sat in bed at night sadly remembering my days as a Famcrafter. Then I forgot about it. For around 7 months.
The other day, I overheard some people talking about the “Totally epic ironic Minecraft session they had.” I thought of my Minecraft days, building anything my mind could think of. I thought of all the times I beat my friends in PvP. But I mostly thought of the time I spent on my most visited server. I thought of all my FamCraft Friends.

   Please keep in mind that this was a while ago so some things may not be relevant anymore and I may just get names wrong.

I would like to apologize. First, to the Staff team, that presumably had to make an important decision. Sorry for causing 1 more unnecessary problem.  I would like to apologize to Cougar1990 to whom I sold my dirty Diamonds too. Sorry for all the trouble I may have caused. I would like to apologize to anyone else who came in contact with my filthy jewels. I would like to apologize to BradBoy, whom I think of as my best FamCraft Friend. Thanks for being there. I would like to apologize to IronBlu, someone I worked a lot with at our clan base. I would like to apologize to all the clan Magic members. Sorry for giving us a bad name. I would like to apologize to Kenny/ANinjaHobo, someone who I always superstitiously thought didn’t like me, and I liked very much. Thanks for taking me in. I would like to apologize to everyone, especially if we talked a bunch and I forgot about you. Don’t take it personally.

   I ask everyone for their forgiveness. I ask everyone to not think of me as a bad person. I ask the staff to let me be wb’d by the friendly players on the only server I would write a multi-page unban plea for.

   Whatever decision you make I thank you, and hope you can forgive me.