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The Folks by the Sea


The Island Clan is looking for new members.  We have the following to offer right now:

Our very own island which sits atop a ravine.
A library with a chest of enchanted books for your use, plus an enchanting table, blank books, and lapis for you to make your own books
An inn with potion ingredients, plus a chest with pre-made potions behind the counter.
Wheat, potato, and carrot fields
Two villagers who refuse to breed
Lots of sugar cane growing along the water
Boats to go and explore the island from the safety of the sea
A warehouse with sorted clan items for your use
Crazy enchanted gold swords
Reasonably enchanted iron items
The bakery is always stocked with cake
Chickens, eggs, pigs, and cows.

And we're a short walk through the nether to an iron golem spawner and an automatic chicken farm.  In addition, it's a short walk to the Old Stargate 6 Nether Rail Network, which links a variety of small towns, a village, and some chestshop areas. 

If you're interested, me up ingame, or do /mail send goimir if I'm not around. 


We now have the following auto farms:

Melon slices
Sugar cane
Mushrooms (both kinds)

We've got tons of villagers to trade with.  The current project is a castle on the other side of the island.

Soon, we will have a stargate to a mining area that's WAY in the middle of nowhere.  I'm talking 4 hours of real-time travel via boat and horse from the nearest player house.


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