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Tropical Fish Challenge
« on: March 08, 2019, 07:43:19 AM »
Now that Famcraft is in version 1.13, you may have noticed there are a bunch of fish swimming about in the ocean.  There are literally thousands of different types of tropical fish variants out there...and I want your help finding them!

Tropical fish will spawn in warm oceans and coral reefs.  There are 22 different common varieties with specific names which I already have.  The goal is to find the unique unnamed ones.  If you put them in a bucket, the name will show as {Type of Fish} (Color 1)-[Color2]

Larger Types of Fish:  Flopper, Stripey, Glitter, Blockfish, Betty, Clayfish
Smaller Types of Fish:  Kob, SunStreak, Snooper, Dasher, Brinely, Spotty

But wait, there's more!

For the 1st fish type of any combination:  $1,000 Famcoins
For the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th of any combination:  $500 Famcoins
For every 10 fish up to 30:  Shell Bonus!  (Could be a nautilus shell, turtle shell, shulker shell [chest])

Contact ~Phoenix (ChrisKnight44) in game on Main to show me your fishies.  If you have a winner, I'll buy it from you :)

Question:  What do I need to catch a fish?
Answer:  Fill a bucket with water and right click the fish, it's that easy!

Question:  Do I need to collect all 3,000+ to participate?
Answer:  No!  You can find a single fish or a whole bunch, it doesn't matter!

Question:  Is there a limit on the number of fish I can bring you?
Answer:  No limit on the quantity other than 4 of each variety.
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Re: Tropical Fish Challenge
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2019, 08:01:56 AM »
Here is the List of Fish so far.  Use it to see if you have a winner!
- (1) Betty Magenta, Green
- (1) Betty Gray, Brown  (AgentMum)
- (1) Betty Gray, Magenta

- (1) Brinely Green, Yellow
- (1) Brinely Orange, Pink
- (1) Brinely Purple, Cyan
- (1) Brinely Purple, Lime
- (1) Brinely White, Purple

- (1) Clayfish Green, Lime

- (1) Flopper Cyan, Yellow (AgentRockStar)
- (1) Flopper Light Gray, Light Blue
- (1) Flopper Lime, Green

- (1) Kob Gray, Orange
- (1) Kob White, Cyan

- (1) Snooper Magenta, Cyan

- (1) Spotty Red, Magenta
- (1) Spotty White, Red  (AgentMum)

- (1) SunStreak Magenta, Orange

- Full Queen Angelfish
- Full Parrotfish
- Full Cotton Candy Betta
- Full Dottyback
- Full Yellowtail Parrotfish
- Full Yellow Tang
- Full Goatfish
- Full Threadfin
- Full Moorish Idol
- Full Triggerfish
- Full Butterflyfish
- Full Black Tang
- Full Blue Tang
- Full Cichlid
- Full Red Lipped Blenny
- Full Red Snapper
- Full Red Cichlid
- Full Tomato Clownfish
- Full Clownfish
- Full Ornate Butterflyfish
- Full Emporer Red Snapper
- Full Anemone
- Full Pufferfish
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Re: Tropical Fish Challenge
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2019, 07:47:52 PM »
Hello! Is this contest still going on? I havenít visited the forum in quite awhile and I would like to participate.
If you ever meet me, don't be surprised if I am really quiet and geek out over weird-looking bugs. Just play along.