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So I'm sure we all know the signs plugin is only semi-functional since the update.
My question is: are we ...
1) waiting for the dev to update the plugin?
2) are the admins looking for a replacement?
3) letting it be for now and maybe revisit it in the future?

Just wondering where we're at so I can determine if I should be patient and wait or take apart my portcullis to work with redstone and add that project to my to-do list.


Assuming you're talking about the gate, bridge, and door signs, those are a small part of a much larger plugin we run, and because Famcraft does not do map resets on large updates such as 1.13, we, at times, run into various issues that we have to work through because of it.

Gate, bridge, and door signs are currently temporarily disabled as there's a bug with the current version of that plugin that can cause massive lag when a pre-1.13 sign for either is used. We're currently waiting on a fix from the devs for this issue, and unfortunately there's no ETA at this time.

Well, it's good you are using language like "temporarily" and "waiting on a fix" so based on that, I can be patient. If I get that far down my to-do list and there's still no ETA, I'll convert to a redstone mechanism and deal with server timing at that time.

Thanks, Kealper!

I've been away for a while, only on casually here and there. Have the gates, door and bridge sign functionality still being addressed by the plug-in devs or lost in the void of volunteer minecraft software projects?


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