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Mall shop auctions!


Hey yall! It's coming up on Famcraft's 7th birthday and there'll be a bunch of mall shop auctions!

You can see a list of them here: https://auctions.famcraft.com/list

Good luck if you're going to be bidding!

Some more info on mall shop auctions:

After the auctions are over, the person with the highest bid wins the shop they were bidding on.

* Multiple players may share the same shop. They may pool their money together and buy the shop together. When bidding in a group, only 1 player should bid, and they must have all the bid money in their own account before making the bid.

* Your money must be in your hand when you bid. Do not bid with money you do not have. If you join with another player to bid, the bidder for your group must have the money to match the bids he/she makes. This includes clan bank - Make sure to withdraw before bidding.

* You cannot bid on, own, or partially own more than one shop in the main server mall.

* Two different shop owners or groups of shop owners CAN combine their shop space if they are adjacent. Just tear down the connecting walls.

Additional general rules regarding shop ownership:

The spawn mall shops can be fully customized except for a few small restrictions:

* Diamonds must be sold for no less than 600 Famcoins, in any chestshop -  server-wide
* Dragon Eggs must be sold for no less than 150k Famcoins, in any chestshop -  server-wide
* Anywhere you are able to destroy blocks, you can customize
* No lava
* No water
* When you place signs on the wall, you must place them on blocks that you own. Do not remove the wall, then put up signs, because this will be putting signs on your NEIGHBOR's wall and will block them from being able to manipulate their own wall.

* Shop owners who neglect their shops risk being evicted. Neglect means buying the shop and doing nothing with it and/or not restocking your shop and/or setting incredibly unreasonable prices so as to appear to never go out of stock.


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