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Full Powered Tridents!


Are you looking far and wide for a trident of your very own?  Look no further!  There are currently 15 Tridents available for purchase.

Phoenix, how are they Full Powered Tridents?
Every trident comes fully enchanted with:

* Channeling - Strikes the target with lightning during storms.
* Impaling V - Hurts the target more (highest level for most damage).
* Loyalty III - Returns a thrown trident (highest level for faster return time).
* Mending - Heal it with xp.
* Unbreaking III - Keeps it from wearing out as fast (highest level).
I've gotta get me one of these!  How much does one cost?
Due to the fact that the enchanting books are expensive each trident cost $10,000 famcoins -or- 10 diamonds, -or- a combination of famcoins and diamonds.

Can I name the trident?
Absolutely!  Share what you want me to name it and I'll do it for you.

Is there a limit on how many I can buy?
Nope, you can buy one or all!

Please contact me in game if you are interested in buying one  :)  Happy Minecrafting!

I would like one! Save one for me until I get on. (idk when that'll be, I got school)


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