Author Topic: Please Unban ArcherK123 For Future Use  (Read 60 times)

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Please Unban ArcherK123 For Future Use
« on: August 12, 2019, 07:42:40 AM »
My son (ArcherK123) and I joined the server this weekend for our first ever server experience. We went over the rules twice, as well as did the tour. We played for a bit and then I had to leave him to his own devices. We went over the rules once more before I quit the server. Apparently after I left he was banned for spam after I explicitly told him not to type any messages without me logged on.

This isn't a plea for unbanning for tomorrow, or a week, or even a month from now. Clearly he is too young and inexperienced to play on a multiplayer server. If you could unban him so he can maybe can try again in a year or two that would be great.

I will remove the server from the list at home when I get off work, so he can't join again without my permission.

Sorry for any inconvenience or hassle this has caused your server, you really do have any awesome space for people to play.