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Skeleton Spawner - Cheap!


I'm selling a purchased skeleton spawner. Get all the bones, enchanted bows and arrows you could ever want! Good for a nearby XP farm too without making a trip all the way to the Enderman farm.

Normally these cost $500,000 to get from an admin. The auction starts at (retracted) since it costs $100,000 to move the spawner so that's baked into the cost. You pay me the Auction price and I'll pay to move the spawner.

Bid at: (old link retracted)

I see that the auction is gone already but if no one got it I will buy it.

There were zero bids on the auction so I'll consider this post and your contact with me last night as the successful bid. (retracted) it is.

Pick out a spot where you want the spawner to move, we'll touch base next time we're both on. You can pay me then and we'll get in touch with an admin for the move.

I'm back!

The Skeleton Spawner is up for auction again! Please see the auction at:


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