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Logic’s Animal Friends


Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
Hello everyone! ;D I really liked ladywolf’s farm pictures so I figured I could post some animal pictures of my own too! I work at an animal rescue/petting zoo and we have lots of cute (and weird) critters.

Also, for those of you with fears of snakes, spiders, bugs, other reptiles, or generally creepy-crawly things: There will be pictures of those guys on here as well!

With that out of the way I hope you all enjoy!

Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
These are just a few of the goats that I work with:

Aww great pictures!
Thank you for sharing :)

Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
Thanks ladywolf_! More to come later!

Marshmellow looks a little Chard.  :D


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