Author Topic: Problem With /mail Command?  (Read 939 times)

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Problem With /mail Command?
« Opened on August 07, 2020, 09:59:25 PM (Edited October 13, 2020, 06:27:32 PM) »
Last night I was playing on the wastelands server. I wanted to send a message to an offline player so I typed /help mail to learn how to use the /mail command, and was immediately kicked for 'spamming.' Later, I tried to send a message using /mail send and was again kicked for 'spamming.' I was not using erroneous repeating characters and I only used each command once, so I do not know why I was kicked. Is this a bug with the /mail command, or did I do something incorrectly?

Update: The problem seems to only occur on the wastelands server.