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Maximum fall distance

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After an great deal of testing, I have concluded that, with full, protection IV, diamond armor, feather falling IV, and resistance II (from a beacon), a player can fall 169 blocks, onto stone, and survive. 170 is just slightly too far.

Wow, that's neat  8)

I decided to test this with an enchanted golden apple. I jumped from build height (256) to Y-level 5, and survived with ~ 3.5 hearts left! That's 251 blocks!

It would be amazing if somebody who bought fly could try to see exactly how far a player can fall (onto stone) with:

Full diamond armor (protection IV)
Feather Falling IV
Resistance II &
An enchanted golden apple

ps. You could also try using skulkers for the levitation effect, but that would be a huge hassle.


Imagine the fall distance with all that and a hay bale! That would be insane.


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