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Missing Items and Blocks Replaced


Hi Famcrafters and staff! Today when I logged onto FC, I needed some powered rails. I thought, I have a lot in my chest. I go to my chest at "X=-281,105; Y=52, Z=711,566" because I had had 1 and about half stack of gold ingots, and about 15 gold blocks. I open my chest, and there is only the few golden nuggets I had. At this same base, I built it all out of stone bricks and the different variants of stone bricks. When I log in, 4 blocks were replaced with mossy cobblestone. Let me know if you need any other information!


Thank you for reporting this! We spoke in game, let me know if you find anything else!

Thank you for helping me resolve this. :D (And I will let you know if I find anything else)



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