Author Topic: Unban Plea  (Read 3335 times)

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Unban Plea
« Opened on September 07, 2021, 06:22:03 PM »
      Hello! I'd like to thank you in advance for reading my plea. Several months ago, I was permanently banned for defacing another person's property by moving into a house that wasn't mine. I am completely aware I have been banned previously and am quite ashamed and embarrassed that I have been banned a second time. I have taken a few months to think about what I did, and now realize that what I did was incredibly wrong. I am very sorry for breaking the rules, and I sincerely hope for another chance.
      I am well aware that I will most likely not be unbanned. Although, if you do unban me I promise to not break the rules again. My current username is Loveify. Have a nice day!

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Re: Unban Plea
« Reply #1 on September 07, 2021, 11:08:22 PM »
Thank you for posting your plea. You have been unbanned.

Please make sure to review the rules at spawn.