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How do I join the server please?


Hello. I’m so new to all this but am trying to connect my son. I try to add the server and when I click connect it says ‘unable to connect to world’. We used as the server address.
Thank you!

Double check that your are connecting using version 1.17.1

The Minecraft launcher tends to default to the newest version out which is currently 1.18.  Attempting to with that version will not allow you to join the server.  Not sure if that is the problem you are having but give it a try.  Hope to see y'all on here soon!

Thank you so much! My son is desperate to play on a server and yours has come recommended. We’re on 1.18.1 but are playing on a tablet (Kindle) and I can’t quite see where to change it. I’ve Google it and it’s not making any sense (I’m clearly older than I thought I was!!) Any top tips?

Not sure if it looks the same way on a tablet as a PC.  Somewhere on the initial load screen it might show the 1.18.1 as the version you will load before hitting the play button.

On java there is a tab at the top called Installations.  If I click on that it will give me a list of available versions to play.  Hitting new installation, I can give it a name like "Famcraft", then under version select "release 1.17.1", followed by hitting the Create button.  Then I can load the version for Famcraft.

As I said though, I don't know what it looks like from a tablet but hopefully it's similar enough to get you going :)

  You will not be able to connect to Famcraft using a Kindle. Famcraft requires java edition Minecraft.


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