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Happy April!


Happy April, Everyone!

I hope everyone has a great month.

Stay safe and remember to hydrate since it's getting warmer for those in the top half  :)

Hope to see you guys in game  ;D

Quick question: Is the Mizuno's Texture pack (very cottage core texture pack) allowed on the server? Does anyone have any other cutesy/cottage-y packs that are allowed on the server that they want to share?


Happy April to you!

Generally texture packs and shaders are client side only.  As long as it doesn't give you some type of advantage over other players you should be fine.  As an example, I use a random plugin that does particle fireflys and glowing plankton for a bit of world immersion.

Oh man, that sounds fantastic! I'll have to look for that one <3
Thanks for commenting/answering. I appreciate it. :)

Still trying to log into the server. I haven't had any luck getting in and I've tried every day, multiple times during the day at all hours. </3
Wish me luck! xD


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