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Happy 11th Birthday Famcraft!!!

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 Happy 11th Birthday Famcraft!!

 Thank you to all the amazing Famstaff team members who have helped us to remain up and running for all these years and to all of the Famcrafters who've helped keep Famcraft feeling like home. Yall are all incredible people and it's an honor to have you in our lives. <333 We look forward to many more years with you all. Happy Birthday Famcraft!


Famcraft made my entire childhood. I appreciate you more than you could know, RubensCherub.  ;D



Year 12 is just around the corner!   :o

With Year 12 coming up so fast, I just want to remind the wonderful staff and players, both past and current, that this server has changed lives. I genuinely wouldn't be who I am today without Famcraft. I'll always love this silly place and I'm very grateful to everyone I've gotten to play with over the years. Thank you.
Happy birthday, you silly server


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