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Shop space in the Ravine mall is now open for sale by auction.

Winning bid will be allowed their choice of remaining shop spaces. Please look at shop spaces available thru Stargate to Ravine mall from the Main Mall

First shop opening bid is 25,000.

Bidding will end 48 hours from time of this post.

(Sorry, this isn't a bid. I am thinking about it, though.)

Camel, I like the ravine mall you made. It looks very nice and unique.
The issue, however, is that when I went down there, it turned night. Monsters starting spawning all around, making it a little dangerous unarmored. (Especially when an Enderman happens to be right in front of you when you're walking down minding your own business, and you look RIGHT at it without paying attention...)

While decorated and arranged nicely, still needs to be lit a little more. (Or Precious Stone'd to prevent mob spawn.)

Thank you for the feedback. I had not noticed this issue and  I will address this issue immediately. I will be postponing this auction until furher notice..

Auctions for shops in the Ravine Mall will start after the current crop of spawn mall shops end.  Only a few will be auctioned off at a time. 

A few important things to note, if you win an auction for one of the Ravine Mall you will have to pay either myself (egijr) or Camelj2486 before you can start using your shop. 
PS stones are being placed in the Ravine Mall area and connecting underground village to prevent mob spawns so you don't randomly get attacked by mobs.
Rules are posted on the wall outside of the stargate in the Ravine Mall.  Please read them.  The stargate to get to the Ravine Mall is in the Spawn Mall between the yellow and red sections.

Auction Order (subject to change)
Auction 1
Shop 1-B
Shop 1-F

Auction 2
Shop 2-B
Shop 2-D
Shop 2-E

Auction 3
Shop 2-I
Shop 2-J
Shop 2-K

Auction 4
Shop 2-F
Shop 2-G
Shop 2-H

The first auction for Ravine Mall shops will begin tomorrow, shops 1-B and 1-F will be the first two up for auction, so please go take a look at them and see if you like them and would want to bid on them.  The auction will last for the standard 72 hours just like in the spawn mall auctions.  The winning bid will be the last bid made before the 72 hours is up, if you bid after the 72 hours are over, your bid will not count.
Starting bid is 25K
Please read the rules on the wall next to the stargate when you first get to the mall, and understand that you will be expected to follow them if you have a shop there.


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