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Clan tags and how to color them


When we updated the server to 1.5.1, we had to update SimpleClans to their new 2.0 beta. This has resulted in loss of a few features which they say they're working on adding back, but it also grayed out everyone's clan tag. Here's how to fix it!

First, you must change your tag to ANYTHING other than what you have right now. SimpleClans is a little dumb because if you try to change your gray clan tag to the same letters but with colors, it will tell you that clan tag already exists. So, if your tag is BNVS, change it to BNVS2 like this:

/clan modtag BNVS2

Next, color your tag like so:

/clan modtag &1BN&6VS

That will make it BNVS

If you mess up, just rename your tag to something random again, and then try again.

** (Edited by RubensCherub) Remember you're not allowed to use &4's dark red without admin approval, and even then only a limited number of characters will be considered. NO completely red tags will be allowed.

If you have questions or need help, please post here with what kind of colors you're trying to set up and we'll try to help.

 DO NOT use any code that is not clearly listed below.

 0  - Black
 1  - Dark Blue
 2  - Dark Green   
 3  - Teal
 4 -  Dark red
 5  - Fuscia
 6  - Golden Yellow
 7  - Light Gray
 8  - Dark Gray
 9  - Periwinkle Blue
 a  - Lime Green
 b  - Sky Blue
 c  - Coral
 d  - Hot Pink
 e  - Bright Yellow
 f   - White


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