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Famcraft Wallpapers!

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While browsing tumblr today, I came across a post talking about the new "Nova Skin Minecraft Wallpaper Maker"
And let me tell you...

I had such a blast making a million different wallpapers, but i figured i'd throw a few up here as examples :D (i can email the ones i have though if you want them, they're a little too large to attach here!)

There's quite a few other options as well :D
Anyways, i hope you guys enjoy playing with it as much as i did!

These look amazing! Thanks for showing us! :D

Cool :O

Cool, I tryed it out and its awesome! I might make some more of these :D

I really love this website! <3

However, I cannot get the pictures to set as my desktop background. When I select them, the screen is just white and does not show the picture.

Any help?


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