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Famcraft Auction House
« Opened on November 25, 2013, 02:13:54 PM (Edited July 08, 2014, 01:43:07 PM) »
The Famcraft auction house is a place similar to eBay, where players on Famcraft can list items they want to sell and other players can bid on those items. Holding auctions for things has never been easier on Famcraft! It's as simple as filling out your in-game username, the price you wish the bidding to start at, the amount of hours the auction should go on for, a title for your listing so others know what it is on the main page, and finally, a description of the item that you're selling. If you're selling something that can be described better by pictures instead of words, you can add pictures too! See below to read how.


Rules and usage guidelines:
Failure to follow these could result in you getting banned from the auction house! Please read them!

The rules for posting things in the auction house are the same as the Main Rules.

Extra rules specific to the auction house:
Items should only be sold in in-game Famcoins, not real money!
When posting or bidding, please use your in-game name. Actual usernames are preferred over nicknames, but nicknames will work too.
Please do not "bump" your own posts by bidding on them. Doing this is a good way to get yourself banned from the auction house!
Please do not post or bid as someone else.
The no-spam rule exists on the Auction House as well! Please do not create many posts for the same items. If you have many copies of an item to sell, please try to list only a few at a time, not all of them all at the same time.

If you post an item:
Please make sure that your starting bid is something you feel comfortable selling the item at. Your item might only get a single bid!
You will be expected to have that item ready to be given to the winning bidder.
If something happens to the item before the bidding has ended (accidentally fell in lava/creepers found it/dog ate it/etc), please let staff know so the item's post can be removed!
If the winning bidder does not wish to pay you for the item they bought, please let staff know.
It is ok to post links to your item's bid page to advertise that you're selling it, but please be mindful of the no-spam rule!

If you bid on an item:
You will be expected to pay the seller the amount you bid if you are the winning bidder.
If something happens and you do not have the money before the bidding is done, please let staff know so we can remove your bid!
If you win the bidding and the seller does not wish to give you the item you bought, please let staff know.

Useful information:
Bidding will automatically be locked on an item once the item's auction length has ended, so you won't have to worry about seeing if someone placed a bid after the auction expired.
New items and new bids will appear automatically, no refreshing needed.
You can post images in the item's description area by using the same tag you would for forums, the [img] tag. Multiple images in a description are supported. Choose your favorite place to upload the image at, then just put the link to that image inside the tag like such:
Code: [Select]