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Famcraft Staff Selection Policy
« Opened on January 19, 2013, 07:58:30 PM (Edited November 19, 2016, 11:05:39 PM) »
Famcraft is changing the way we handle staff selection.

  From now on, no applications for staff will be accepted. Instead, staff will be automatically selected from among all eligible players.
 There is no need to send a pm, or ask about becoming staff in game. Asking repeatedly about becoming staff in game will make you ineligible for staff. We will not consider players who do not follow this rule.

"11 - Do not ask to become staff. This will cause you to lose your chance at becoming staff."

You can view all of the rules here: https://famcraft.com/index.php/topic,2.0.html

*** If you are chosen for staff, we will invite you to become a helper via private message on the forum at famcraft.com, or we will contact you in game. ***

To be considered for staff a player must meet the following criteria:

*must be polite and willing to help others

*must spend adequate time on the server to be able to help- We realize everyone has a real life too. We don't expect anyone to spend more time on the server than is reasonable for them. But as staff, we would hope to see you on the server at least a little while every day.

*must have been a member on the server for at least 2 weeks- You need to know the server and community for a couple of weeks before you will be considered for a helper position.

*must be in good standing with Famcraft - this means you will not be considered for staff if we are having to constantly correct you for spam/caps or other issues clearly covered in the rules

* You MUST have an account on famcraft.com to be considered for staff. It is impossible to be staff without access to the forum. It is free to create an account.   https://famcraft.com/index.php

 New staff members will be selected only when Famcraft needs additional helpers. We are not always in need of more staff.

 Donating to the server, while appreciated, does not have any effect on your chances of being asked to be a Helper.
Still interested? Read on. :)

 Before accepting an invitation to become staff, please consider the following information.

 Being staff is great! You get to be a part of the team that keeps Famcraft running smoothly. However- it is not all fun and games. Being staff can be very hard work at times. Helpers are expected to give tours whenever they are online. This means even if they are playing, building, or talking with friends, Helpers are expected to drop what they are doing and warp to /spawn to greet and tour the new player.

 You will only be asked to be a Helper- we will never invite a player to join staff at any other rank (This excludes returning retired staff).

  Every single member of staff starts out as a helper. From there, you may be able to move up in staff rank over time. Some helpers may never move up. They might always be Helpers. This does not mean these helpers are not wonderful, important staff members, it may just mean we need helpers more than we need to add additional higher ranking staff.

 Other staff members will be happy to assist you if you end up with multiple new players joining at one time. But the primary job of the Helpers is to tour new members- so we will expect you to tour first and foremost.

 Helpers have three main tools available to them.

*core inspect- to help you determine if a grief has taken place

*mute- in case someone is spamming or cursing on the server

*kick- if someone curses or spams, you can kick them as a warning. 

  A helper is expected to do all the proper paperwork in the staff section of the forum. This means if you mute or kick someone, you will need to make a post about it, explain why, and include a screenshot or irc copy/paste of the conversation.

 As you can see, being a Helper is a lot of work! Please consider all of this when you are deciding if you would like to accept an invitation to join the staff team.

 If you do choose to join us, but then you find you do not enjoy being a Helper, you are always free to retire. We will never hold it against you, and we will always be happy you gave it a shot. :)

Thank you to all Famcraft players and staff. You all make Famcraft great!

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Re: Staff Selection Policy Update
« Reply #1 on August 19, 2013, 04:28:37 PM (Edited August 19, 2013, 05:57:29 PM) »
 I wanted to add a couple of side notes here.

 When other players are promoted to helper, please make sure to be polite about it. Being rude, outwardly sad or vocally unhappy because another player has been promoted can actually decrease your chances of becoming staff in the future.

 Please congratulate the new staff team member if you are happy for them. Otherwise, it's okay not to comment on their new rank if you don't have anything positive to say.

 Keep in mind, the next time you need help, it's just as likely to be a Helper that stops what they are doing to reply to your questions, or help you with any problem you might be having.
 We need to be respectful and considerate of our Helpers just as we should be with  everyone on the server. They are very valuable members of our staff team.

 Each and every staff team member is carefully selected based on the criteria in the post above.
 We also pay close attention to player interactions as well as the time frame the potential helpers are usually on the server.
 We watch for an overall positive and helpful attitude. We make every effort to select the players that we feel will be the biggest benefit to the server.
 A lot of thought and time goes into these choices, so when you see a new yellow name in chat, you can rest assured we are very comfortable with our decision to promote that  player to Helper.

 I wanted to provide a little info about some of the comments we see from players, and explain why these comments are unnecessary.

*"Why were you chosen for helper, I never even see you on the server?"

^  This generally means the Helper usually plays different hours than you do. When helpers are selected we consider the times they normally play. Always remember we have players in all different time zones. We have staff members you may never even see, based simply on the hours you play here.

*"You've only been here a month! I've been here a year! Why did they pick you and not me??"

^ Helpers are carefully selected based on many important factors- not just how long they have played on FamCraft. If a player was asked to be a Helper, it is because they met all of the criteria we look for in a new staff member.

*"Hey, I am older than you, they should have asked me to be a Helper."

^  Age makes no difference to us. We watch for players we feel can handle the difficult tasks required for being a Helper.

*"You only got staff because you donated to the server!"

^ I can not possibly stress enough how untrue this statement is.  Regardless of if a player donates at all, or the amount of a donation, if someone  is not Helper material they will not ask you to be on the staff team.

 Donating in NO WAY improves your chances of being asked to be staff. Just as it in NO WAY protects you from being banned if you break the rules.

*"You aren't even real staff- you're just a helper."

^  This could not be further from the truth. Helpers ARE as much staff as any other rank. Arguing or being disrespectful to a helper can get you in trouble just as quickly as it can with any other staff rank.
 Helpers are able to inspect griefs and give tours, but they are also able to kick, mute, or jail a player who is being a problem on the server. Do not underestimate the value of our Helpers.

*"I ALWAYS try to help other players, they should have asked me to be a helper."

^  We appreciate it when players help each other. It means a lot to us to see the community working together.
 Helping other players means you are a nice person. It does not mean we will be always able to ask you to join the staff team. Please always help out of the kindness of your heart and not just in hopes of being asked to be a Helper.

 We can not ask everyone to be a Helper. If you have not been asked to be a helper, it does not mean you are not a great player. It also does not mean you will never be asked to join the team. We enjoy having every one of you here. You are all important members of our FamCraft community.